Please meet Bernard

Bernard is stubborn and munchy (my friend came up with this and, and by this she means he munches stuff like cheetos noisily), but he enjoys the cherry blossoms. I made him out of lovely plaid fabric that LaidOutInLavender sent me and blue felt that I painted and machine stitched on to. Felt is the worst surface to paint onto ever, except knitted wool or maybe an actual sheep, but I think it turned out well.



Oh, and did I tell you I got into university (to study illustration)? I had my interview last Tuesday and I didn’t think it went that great, but whilst the interviewer was walking back to meet my mother so he could apologize to her (they made a mistake that kept me waiting around for over 45 minutes and she made a bit of a scene about it) he told me that he wanted me on the course and he hoped to see me this September. He checked that my mother didn’t live locally first, though.


13 thoughts on “Please meet Bernard

  1. [this is good] Hee hee! With the way the paragraph went, it sounded like he wanted you in the class but made sure your mom wasn’t going to be near by.
    But YAY! And I love Bernard and will need to remember to send you the box of fabric that’s sitting, all ready to go to the post office.

  2. Bernard is so cute! :)  And congratulations on getting into the course!  Yay!  (Lots of exclamation points today. !!!)

  3. Congratulations!!! I hope you learn everything you’re wanting to. Loved the pictures of NY btw. Are you going to post more about it?

  4. Welcome to the Vox community, Bernard.  You will love it here.
    And please give your creator my warmest congratulations on her good news.

  5. That’s exactly how it was. The poor student that was sent to collect me and caught the brunt of Mum’s wrath had obviously reported to the tutor that I had an insane mother.
    Thanks! I can’t wait!

  6. Thanks! I wasn’t planning too, because I try to keep my blog as art based and free from personal stuff as possible, but it people are interested I am very happy to post a travelogue.

  7. Thanks, Lavender! I didn't realise at the time but apparently it's very rare for interviewers to tell you straight after the interview; most of my friends have had to wait for weeks and lots still don't know. I'm so glad I was told there and then.

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