How do you create your work?

I use a mixture of gouache, pencil, watercolour and photoshop. You can see a post about my process here.

Can you review my portfolio/give me pricing advise/etc?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the expertise to offer pricing advice or portfolio reviews. For these kinds of queries you should contact the AOI.

How do you become an illustrator?

I have written lots about this subject here and here. I also occasionally do talks on having a career in illustration. I’m afraid I just don’t have time to answer all the individual questions I get.

Do you wholesale cards?

I don’t, I create illustrations for companies such a Madison Park Greetings and Rosehip Cards, and my cards can be bought wholesale through them. I do not produce cards for sale myself.

What equipment do you use?

I have an iMac and my scanner is from Canon. I use Windsor and Newton Series 7 watercolour brushes and Winsor & Newton Gouache 
and Winsor & Newton Watercolours. I use a mechanical pencil from muji and Moleskine Cahier Sketchbook or a Flexi-Sketch Book to sketch. You can see a full list of my equipment here.

Can I interview you for my blog?

Sure, email over some questions and I will do you best to get back to you.

Do you do custom design for blogs and small businesses?

Very occasionally, it depends how busy I am with other projects.



One thought on “FAQ

  1. Emma, I recently saw an article you had written from 2011 and i would like to know a little more about your day to day life in the career sense.
    I am having a change of life moment and want to direct my path towards art. I make art daily as an oil and ink painter mostly, but I also work with pencil, calligraphy, sign hand writing, and I have done silkscreen in the past. I see my self as an all around artsy person and i would like to ask a few questions that a newbe might ask.
    I am sure you are busy. But if you have time, please reply. Your advice and understanding could really impact my future.

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