The many flavoured Finbar

Finbar is a wise and all knowing rabbit who comings many flavours, including original, minty fresh and pirate. I cut him out of lino and printed him onto paper and fabric. I have loads of these prints and lots of little stuffed Finbars too, so I'm going to put some on Etsy went I have time. If you'd like one just let me know.


Note pirate Finbar's sequined peg leg and daisy eye patch. My friend thinks they look like a couple, in which case the pink one could be Fionulla, but Finbar* is so manly he can wear pink and florals at the same time.

*Finbar and Fionulla are Irish names and means fair head or white hair, which is appropriate since their hair and features are white. 


13 thoughts on “The many flavoured Finbar

  1. Love ’em.  Although, to me, Finbar should be a swan.  (Finbar was one of the Children of Lir).

  2. [this is good] Your new school SO made the right decision by accepting you so quickly! I absolutely ADORE Finbar!

  3. Would you believe me if I told you I was actively trying not to be cute when I created Finbar? It seems I really can’t help it.

  4. Thank you!!
    When I get your stuffed creature care package together there will be a Finbar in there. Maybe a few. πŸ™‚

  5. They are scattered all over my blog and not tagged, but I found one.  I have a green one that has a really cross look on its’ face, it’s a grumblebunny….  Your art is a joy.

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