How to henna your hair

After henna-ing my hair I made this for my visual diary.

 It should be noted that these are very basic intructions and you shouldn't actually follow them; they're only art. 

We have to hand our visual diaries in tomorrow be marked as the project is now over. I'm kind of sad about that. I think I'll buy myself a new visual diary and just keep it for myself.

In case you were interested, here is a picture of me with freshly henna-ed hair.


8 thoughts on “How to henna your hair

  1. [this is good] You totally should keep your own visual diary!
    Hari looks adorable. How long does henna stay in? Is it more temporary or permanent?

  2. [this is good] Your hair looks great 🙂 I’ve liked the visual diary entires you’ve posted, you really should carry on. I hope you get a good mark 🙂

  3. [this is good] This is wonderful – art/info!!  I didn’t know the henna had to be grated?
    Here’s to a great grade!

  4. I henna my hair too! Since you mentioned grating your henna, do you use Les Cacas by LUSH? That’s what I use. I love your visual diary!

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