How to Save Money on your Wedding

Here is the thing that everybody really wants to know, how to save money on your wedding without doing anything crazy like getting up at three in the morning to go to the flower market on the day of your wedding. I do believe time is money so hopefully these tips will help you de-stress […]

All The Little Details

When it comes to blogging about your wedding it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s only one day but there is so much to say! I have already done a run through of the day, but I wanted to focus a bit more on the amazing suppliers that made our wedding so special. The […]

Save the Date

Sending a save the date isn’t really a British tradition, but it was something I was keen to do because I was impatient to start designing my stationery! My first thoughts were very watercolour and floral, which I realised was very ‘me’ but not very ‘us’. So I went back to the drawing board and tried to […]