My Favourite Art Materials

For watercolours and gouache I use Winsor and Newton. Gouache is essentially an opaque watercolour so I use them both together. I have a bigger set of watercolours, but this is the set I use most. If you know how to mix colours you don’t really need a set bigger than this.I really like the […]

Creative Blog Hop

Laura from Cardboard Cities nominated me in this great creative blog hop and I couldn’t wait to share my answers with you! What am I working on? At the moment I am working on the cover of a children’s book that will be out next year. I’m also working on the branding for next year’s Unravel […]

cut paper and painty splodges

Even when you’re really busy I think it’s very important to make work just for yourself. Here’s a piece I did a few weeks ago just for fun. She was originally going to have a stripy dress but it wasn’t working out, so I used a bit of painty paper I had lying around to […]