Watercolour Wash + Brush Lettering Place Cards

As an arty and crafty kind of person you might assume that I’d be doing loads of DIY projects for my wedding. I’m also very busy and easily stressed that person so I deliberately chose not to take on too many projects. I can’t resist a bit of brush lettering And when you’ve done it […]

My Favourite Art Materials

For watercolours and gouache I use Winsor and Newton. Gouache is essentially an opaque watercolour so I use them both together. I have a bigger set of watercolours, but this is the set I use most. If you know how to mix colours you don’t really need a set bigger than this.I really like the […]

The Wedding To Do List – free printable

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m finally making some progress with organising wedding stuff. There is so much stuff to organise when it come to weddings, which is why I’ve made this little to do list. It is a free printable that you can download here, there are two versions to choose from, […]