A Little Guide to Seville

seville-emma-block-2seville guide emma blockI’ve always had a fascination with Seville, probably because so many operas are set there. It has always seemed like the most romantic and mysterious of Spanish cities. So when we where looking for a city break that would provide a bit of winter sun and allow my husband to practice his Spanish, Seville was the obvious choice. October is a great time to go to Seville as the weather is warm (high 20s) but not oppressively hot.
There are so many things to do in Seville and it is such a charming, walkable city that it is the perfect place for a city break. We spent four days in Seville, and though we would have loved to stay longer we definitely got a feel for the city. Here are a few of my favourite things to do in Seville, though really the best thing to do is just walk and walk and explore the city on foot (with lots of stops for tapas).seville-macarenaseville-2

The city’s most famous attraction, the Alcazar, is a must see. The Alcazar is a royal palace original developed by Moorish kings. It’s famous for it’s stunning architecture, tile work and gardens. We bought our tickets (€9.50) on the day and queued for about 20 minutes, but you can buy them in advance online. Once you get through the ticket office it’s easy to shake off the hoards of tour groups and explore the expansive gardens and rooms on your own. It is such a calm and peaceful place that you almost forget that the city outside exists.

seville alcazaralcazaralcazar-2The Plaza España is a collection of governmental buildings on the edge of the
Maria Luisa park. It doesn’t sound worth a visit but it really is. The buildings are beautiful, set in a semi circle with miniature bridges and waterways that you can row through. It is a testament to stunning Sevillian craftsmanship, every region of Spain having its own elaborately decorated alcove. It’s also completely free to visit. Make sure you also explore the park, which is beautiful. plaza-espana-2plaza espanaseville park

The city’s newest attraction, the Parasol Metropol, is somewhat controversial and not everyone is a fan. I think it’s definitely worth a visit as it only  costs €3 and gives you stunning views of Seville. Your ticket also entitles you to a free drink, I highly recommend enjoying an ice cold glass of beer at the top whilst taking in the view.

Seville cathedral is the largest catholic Cathedral in the world and definitely worth a visit. In particular the Giralda tower offers wonderful views over Seville. seville cathedralseville cathedral

You can’t go to Seville without seeing some flamenco. There are shows in the city centre that cater to tourists where the tickets are quite expensive and then there are shows in the outskirts that cater to locals and aficionados, starting at midnight and serving only hard alcohol. La Carboneria is a happy middle ground. It is located in the city centre, it’s free to get in and shows run from 9:30 – 12:00. The shows are fantastic, and need to be seen to understand the passion and the energy. seville
seville-3It’s actually quite hard to have a bad meal in Seville, pretty much everywhere is good. We mostly ordered tapas as its fun and cheap. Ordering tapas means you can try lots of different dishes and even several different restaurants in one night. Portions are generous and we usually ordered four tapas between two. Here are a few places I’d recommend: El Rinconcillo – the oldest tapas bar in Seville – go for atmosphere, decor and good tapas, La Huerta 9 – lovely tapas eaten under the orange trees, Confiteria La Campana – classic coffee and patisserie, staffed by adorable old men in stripy waistcoats and El Rincon el Rosita – the friendliest restaurant in Seville and delicious food.

We flew with Ryanair and stayed in an Airbnb apartment. We stayed in the Macarena neighbourhood which I would highly recommend. It’s about 20 minutes walk from the centre and is a really charming neighbourhood. Get £25 off your first Airbnb stay here.

What I wore:
Checked dress – People Tree, shorts – vintage, straw boater – vintage, white blouse – charity shop, denim jacket – H&M, sunglasses – Anthropologie, watch – Daniel Wellington


One thought on “A Little Guide to Seville

  1. OH! Such a beautiful city! I did not stay there yet (I only know some cities in the center and northern regions of Spain), and I hope I could meet it in the future. My next travel to Europe (I live in SouthAmerica) is to your country, Emma! I will visit London, Bath, the Cotswalds and Edinburgh next May with my family. I am very excited for that. It could be a dream to attend any of your lovely events -such as when you do portraits in a caffe- during my short stay in London. I love your illustrations! Cheers from Argentina!

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