Our Love Story

emma block love story illustrationRecently creative jewellers Savvy+Sand got in touch me and asked me if I’d like to share my love story as part of a project with them. I’ve always drawn key moments of my relationship with Alex, it’s just natural to record my life with illustrations. The very first Valentines present I ever gave him was a portrait of the two of us, which is still framed on our living room wall.

We first met when I was still in university. Alex was playing football in the park with our mutual friends. I was watching with a pot of tea and a packet of biscuits (yes, I brought a whole tea pot to the park), and he came over to hello.emma block love story illustrationA big milestone in our relationship was moving in together and having our own little flat. It was so good for both of us! We both work from home so having that extra space gave us room to grown our business and our relationship.emma block love story illustrationA big step in our relationship was our first proper holiday together, not least because Alex had never been on a plane before! Our week in Morocco was a whirlwind of colour and magic.emma block love story illustrationLast year we spent two weeks travelling across America together. It was a big test of our relationship as being together 24 hours a day for two weeks was really intense, but also really amazing. We felt like such a team, even when we had to deal with minor disasters like booking a flight on the wrong day!emma block love story illustrationFour months ago was the biggest milestones stone of our relationship yet, we got married! I just love the tradition of throwing confetti, it perfectly captures how I felt on our wedding day, being completely in the moment and showered in love.emma block savvy and sandemma block savvy and sandAs part of our collaboration we had the opportunity to have a photoshoot together. I was pretty excited about this as we didn’t do an engagement shoot. My husband was a lot less excited by the idea but ultimately agreeable. I picked the Wallace Collection as the location because it’s one of my favourite places in London. Going to art galleries and drinking coffee are our two favourite things to do together.emma block savvy and sandemma block savvy and sandSavvy+Sand are a creative jewellers, which means every ring they make is driven by a creative and innovative approach, ultimately inspired by stories of love in order to create their beautiful collections. I think it’s such a lovely idea that the brand recognises that each love story is unique and whatever your story, they will bring it to life. Share a photo that captures your own love story for a chance to win £250 to spend with Savvy+Sand. Remember to follow @savvyandsand and #sharehowyoumet.


3 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. Hi!

    I subscribed to your blog a while ago and am rather enjoying it. I wondered if you’d like to look at mine. I’m a 62 year old artist and writer and renaissance soul and I’ve recovered from depression and anxiety after 30 years. I’m now making up for lost time. I think I’m doing ok…

    Jo UK http://www.joclutton.simplesite.com

    Ps. Your love story is sweet! Just like mine.

  2. How lovely 🙂 I love the America one in particular. And how cute that you met because a pot of tea to the park – maybe I should start doing this!

    Enjoying your Instagram stories as well – I’m not sure how I feel about the new feature in general, but I like how you’ve been using it. Might be brave and give it a go one day soon…

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