West Elm Makers Market

emma block live illustrationemma block live illustration 4emma block live illustrationemma block live illustration 7Last week I took part in West Elms Makers Market. It was a one day pop-up market of specially chosen local makers, including Quill, Nancy Straughan, The Lovely Drawer. It was lovely to get to meet some new makers as well as spend the day with some good friends. I was doing live portraits on the day as well as selling prints, postcards and greetings cards. I’ve never done a craft market before so I had no idea how things were going to sell. I didn’t want to be left with lots of unsold stocks I only bought six prints with me, which sold out almost immediately. Lesson learned for next time! The most popular thing was definitely the live portraits. I had such a great time doing them and met so many lovely people. It was a really nice relaxed environment which gave me a chance to chat with the people I was drawing. A highlight of the day was when Emily Quinton booked in to have her portrait drawn with her youngest daughter. Little Rudi is also quite the artist and couldn’t resist sitting next to me and doing a bit of painting herself. So cute!emily photosIMG_0164photosphoto 2Just before the market I reordered some sets of postcards. You can now buy my city postcard in a set of six including the new city Amsterdam! And my lovely lady postcards are now back in stock in packs of eight (two of each design). You can find them on my etsy shop.

A big thanks to my intern Martha for helping out on the day and taking the photos!


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