Watercolour Wash + Brush Lettering Place Cards

brush lettered  wedding place cardAs an arty and crafty kind of person you might assume that I’d be doing loads of DIY projects for my wedding. I’m also very busy and easily stressed that person so I deliberately chose not to take on too many projects. I can’t resist a bit of brush lettering And when you’ve done it as much as I have it doesn’t take long. If you’d like to have a go making your own watercolour wash brush lettered placecards follow the tutorial below!brush lettered wedding place card
You will need: Luggage tags, watercolours, Indian ink, a large brush, a small brush, twine or ribbon IMG_5563
First of all you will need some luggage tags. You can pick them up from your local post office or stationers, but make sure they are made of high quality thick matt card stock. I got mine from Etsy (this etsy shop stocks over 350 varieties of luggage tag, happy browsing!). As well as handmade products, Etsy is also is a great place to find crafting supplies.
Add loose, abstract watercolour washes to your luggage tags using colours that tie-in with your scheme. Use a large soft brush and plenty of watered down paint. You can do one pale, wash wait for it to dry then add another contrasting colour overlapping it. I wouldn’t recommend adding more than two colours per luggage tag.brush lettered wedding place card
Want your watercolour washes are completely dry you can start to brush letter guest’s names. If you are a little bit nervous about making a mistake you can lightly pencil the names in first. For these I have used Indian ink and a small brush. If you’re not confident with brush lettering why not take one of my classes with Quill? Once the ink is completely dry, rub off any pencil marks and thread of the tag with ribbon or twine.


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