Start Your Creative Career with Etsy

IMG_5353Etsy has been part of my journey as a freelancer since the very beginning. I started my first Etsy shop when I was 17. At that age I was too young to even have my own Paypal account so my dad had to handle the money side of things. I probably made all the mistakes you can make, from to frantic dashes to the post office because I didn’t have any packaging materials at home, to completely undercharging for original artwork. I ran my Etsy shop on the side whilst studying at college and university. In my final year of university I decided to take it a bit more seriously; I opened a new shop, rebranded and replaced old products with new ones. I’m still learning; gradually improving my photography and trying out new products, but I’m really pleased with how my Etsy shop has done (almost at 500 sales!) It’s been great to have an alternative stream of income aside from my regular freelancing, and it’s also opened up opportunities for me and introduced my work to new people.etsy photosetsy emma block

If you’ve decided this is the year that you’d like to start making money from your creative hobby, you should definitely sign up to the Etsy Resolution. It’s a completely free four week boot camp with some amazing mentors onboard. You will get invaluable advice from experienced, successful Etsy sellers, to help your shop get off to the best start possible. It will also be a great way to make friends with fellow creatives and build a community. What have you got to lose? Setting up a shop is so easy, no coding skills necessary, and they’ll even give you 20 free listings to get you started. The course started a couple of days ago but there’s till time to sign up! etsy emma blockimg_7089-0All the products in this blog post care for sale in my Etsy shop.



5 thoughts on “Start Your Creative Career with Etsy

  1. How funny is this: When your post came through via my email, I was looking at your Etsy shop! Specifically at your cute Paris print. I just adore your work, Emma! It is so charming and sweet. I’ve been on Etsy for a while with graphic art and previously with clothing–It is hard to know all the tricks, so having some tutorials are a fab idea. Thanks and continued success!

  2. Hi Emma, this could not have come at a better time! I decided last week that this year I would finally start selling my artwork but wasn’t quite sure where to start. I love your illustrations, especially the bicycle card at the start of this post. I look forward to seeing more of your art!

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