Save the Date

emma block save the date

Sending a save the date isn’t really a British tradition, but it was something I was keen to do because I was impatient to start designing my stationery! My first thoughts were very watercolour and floral, which I realised was very ‘me’ but not very ‘us’. So I went back to the drawing board and tried to put as much ‘us’ in it as possible, and this was the result. The back of the postcard has a watercolour wash and delicate hand lettering and the front is pure ‘us’. I have loved handing these to family and friends and seeing their reactions!
emma block save the dateemma block save the dateemma block save the dateBy the way, these pictures were taken in Emily Quinton’s gorgeous studio. I recently did one of her photography classes and it was amazing, so keep an eye out for a blog post about that!


9 thoughts on “Save the Date

  1. Hi Emma, these are lovely! I recently did your brush lettering class and would love to design my own invites- but wondered how you printed these? I am a bit of a newbie to this! did you use photoshop? Did you print them yourself? Unsure what to do now I’ve got my final design! Be great to have some advice! Thank you! x

    • Hi Natalie, thank you for coming to my class! I use photoshop to edit my illustrations and brush lettering, and I got the save the dates printed with If you have your final design you would just need to scan or photograph it then make sure the design is the right size before sending it off to be printed. You can download templates to help you resize you artwork from

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