Wedding Planning: Flowers and Colour Palettes

wedding colour palette emma blockA few people have asked what the theme of our wedding will be. The answer to that is ‘all the stuff I like’. I should say all the stuff we like, but my fiance has given me carte blanche when it comes to flowers and colour schemes. I’ve had an idea of all the colours and flowers I like in my head for a while but it was good to get it down on paper and see if it actually works. It was also handy to take with me to my lovely florist Migle, of Your London Florist. Migle has known me for years, which means she understands my style completely and I can trust her to create something very beautiful and very me. 
florist illustration emma bloc


5 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Flowers and Colour Palettes

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  2. This is really, really lovely…. as a florist (and a Bride who was obviously very passionate about my bouquet!) I think a bespoke image like this detailing the palette and flowers included in the bridal bouquet would make such a special keepsake to frame and hang. There is a definite market opportunity for you here! x

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