Tea Tasting with Birchall

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Last week Birchall tea invited me and my friend Nancy to a tea tasting event at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel. I love a good cup tea, so I jumped at the chance. I think most people love a good cup of tea, but the irony is most of the tea us Brits drink isn’t very good at all. During the tea tasting we learn what it takes to make a good cup of tea, and what makes the cheap tea bags so cheap. tea tasting with nancy tea tasting with nancytea tastingtea tastingA good tea should be made of nothing but tea leaves and should be almost black in colour. A cheap tea will often have the stalk of the tea plant mixed in and a result will be a light brown colour. After a little lesson on tea leaves we got to try both Birchall’s own blend and some supermarket classics. I have to say when directly compared you can really taste and see the difference. After tasting classic black we had the chance to sample Birchall’s range of green and herbal teas. They were all exceptionally good and many are Great Taste award winners. After all that tea we needed some cake, the the Rosewood Hotel had put on a delicious spread of cakes and sandwiches for us.

As well as tasting amazing, Birchall’s teas are all ethically sourced and produced in an environmentally friendly way, something we don’t always think about when buying tea.

tea tastingtea tastingtea tasting
Now the weather is turning chilly I love a nice hot cup of tea at my desk, but during the summer I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea. The easiest way to make iced tea is to cold brew it. It’s so easy to just pop a green tea bag in a tall glass of water (or put a few in a jug) then leave it in the fridge to brew for a few hours. It’s lovely served with ice, lemon slices and mint. Birchall’s Green Tea and Peach is works particularly well.

iced green teaiced green teaThank you to Birchall for inviting me to taste your delicious teas! I had a wonderful afternoon. Also thank you to Nancy who let me use some of her photos because I forgot my camera.


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