making plans to tie the knot 

emma and al colour

When I announced my engagement on instagram lots of people said they hoped I would blog about my wedding plans. Now I have no intention of turning this into a wedding blog but I thought I’d give you a bit of an update.

About two months ago I got engaged (details on Instagram). Here are four things I’ve found out since then:
1. I’ve started to stare at women’s left hands looking to see if they’re wearing an engagement ring, something I’ve  never done before.

2. I’ve started stalking the weddings of complete strangers via Instagram. If some one I know is attending a wedding I am following that hashtag. Sunday is primetime for wedding stalking, if you’re interested.

3. I find myself getting sucked into the black hole of pinterest, where an simple search can lead of hours of scrolling.

4. I’ve discovered that the wedding industry is far more conventional than I am, and despite the fact it is 2015 there is still a lot of expectations and assumptions to navigate.

After two months we’ve started to make real progress. We’ve changed out mind about the date a lot. My granny says I’ve made a mess of her diary because she keeps writing in dates then rubbing them out. We have found a venue we love though so we’re pretty close to finalising the day and signing a contract. I’ve already bought my dress; I won’t say too much but it isn’t from a bridal shop and I love it. proposal

If you’re interested I’m thinking of posting a monthly wedding update.


10 thoughts on “making plans to tie the knot 

  1. Congratulations, Emma! Sounds like you two are enjoying the adventure – it can be whatever you want and you’re already there! Maybe make Granny a new diary as a wedding gift 😉

  2. Planning a wedding is such an exciting time. I got married last year and my husband and I just wanted a wedding that reflected us, it meant not adhering to a lot of the expectations and traditions but at the end of the day all our guests and family said it was a wonderful day no one minded that we didn’t cut the cake, or have a first dance!

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