Snapshots from Aldeburgh

aldeburgh beach IMG_7816 IMG_7812aldeburghaldeburghIMG_7813 aldeburghaldeburghaldeburgh
Last week I went up to suffolk for a few days to visit my parents, and whilst there we went on a little trip to Aldeburgh. Aldeburgh is a lovely little seaside town with a pebble beach, colourful houses, boutique shops and an old world British charm. It also has a generous helping of art with Maggi Hambling’s scallop shell and Antony Gormley’s figure on the Martello Tower, plus several good art galleries, including Thompsons. Aldeburgh is famous for it’s fish and chips, with queues stretching up the road at lunch time. Coming back to Suffolk it’s easy to see how growing up here influenced my aesthetic and colour palette. maggi hambling the scallopaldeburghaldeburgh beach


3 thoughts on “Snapshots from Aldeburgh

  1. We were in Aldeburgh today, our first visit. I took lots of photos but the sun was going down and they are not as good as yours! We didn’t walk far enough down the beach to see the shell sculpture, but we enjoyed looking round the town.

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