The RA Summer Exhibition 2015

IMG_7595.JPGIMG_7639.JPGThe RA Summer Exhibition is a bit like box of quality sweets; colourful, exciting and there’s enough variety that there’s something for everyone. The one piece that has been universally adored is the incredible striped staircase by Jim Lambie, which is an Instagrammer’s dream. Here are my personal highlights from the exhibition, but I encourage you to visit and find your own favourites. For the first time you can see the entire catalog online, which is pretty cool.


IMG_7640.JPGIMG_7591.JPGIMG_7593.JPGIMG_7604.JPGIMG_7596.JPGIMG_7582.JPGIMG_7603.JPGIMG_7612.JPGTop to bottom, work by: Frank Bowling, Jim Lambie, Jim Dine, Leonard McComb, Anothy Green, Leonard McComb, Leonard McComb, Elizabeth Blackadder, Leonard McComb, Grayson Perry, Stephen Chambers, David Remfry, Jim Lambie, Pamela Silver and Dido Crosby.





4 thoughts on “The RA Summer Exhibition 2015

  1. Living in the US I had no idea what RA meant, I had to delve a bit deeper and learned something new. 917-918 and 921 reminded me of a Van Gogh elements. Very enjoyable!

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