How to Decorate a Christmas Twig

emma block christmas twigIn my little London flat I don’t really have room for a christmas tree, I only have room for Christmas twig. If like me you don’t have the space for a proper tree why not consider an artfully decorated twig?emma block christmas twig

You will need:

A clean, dry tree branch,

A vase, or jug,

Scrap paper

Decorations You could have a look in your local park for a fallen branch; I cheated went to Your London Florist to pick a up branch that was already painted and glittered. I like that the branch is painted white as the colours really pop, but au naturel works too.

Find a tall vase or jug and arrange your branches in it. I used screwed up brown paper in the jug to stop the branches leaning to one side. Once your branches are arranged trim if need be and arrange your decorations. The branches are quite delicate so light weight decorations work best. I made my decorations out of felt using the kit that came with this month’s Mollie Makes.

emma block christmas twigemma block christmas twig


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