Local shopping online with Streethub

terrarium StreethubI love shopping locally and supporting small businesses, but sometimes when I just haven’t got time to go into town, internet shopping is just the easiest option. Streethub is a new app that allows you you shop online directly from fantastic local boutiques. They asked me if I’d like to test out the service and I picked this beautiful terrarium from T & Shop . On reflection I did pick a gift that is pretty difficult to just package up and post, but they managed it. It’s a great way to discover new shops and to find something unique. I’m definitely going to be paying a visit to T & Shop in Stoke Newington for a browse and a cup of tea.terrarium Streethubterrarium Streethub

I’ve wanted a terrarium for ages (a plant that only needs watering once a month is definitely a winner in my book) and this one is so lovely. One of the nice things about terrariums is being able to add to them, and I have already picked up a couple more succulents to add to it from Your London Florist.


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