Creative Blog Hop

Laura from Cardboard Cities nominated me in this great creative blog hop and I couldn’t wait to share my answers with you!

emma block desk set upWhat am I working on?

At the moment I am working on the cover of a children’s book that will be out next year. I’m also working on the branding for next year’s Unravel festival, the Christmas issue of Hooray Magazine, an editorial illustration about the history of afternoon tea, some Christmas cards for my etsy shop and some illustrations of LFW.



How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not really sure what my genre is, I wouldn’t like to pin myself down as a fashion illustrator or a children’s book illustrator; I like to do a bit of everything. I also wouldn’t call myself a painter or a cut paper artist, I’m just an image maker.

map artwork emma block gallery nucleus

How does my creating process work?

My creative process is in constant flux. When I left uni I was mainly creating collages with a bit of painting, now it’s mainly paintings with a bit of collage. I also like using coloured pencils and drawing with black ink. Sometimes I will create one piece of finished artwork that just needs be to be scanned. Sometimes I create my artwork in many stages, that need to be arranged in photoshop. I made this gif to show my process from sketch to final artwork. I start with the sketch, add some colour digitally to help me decide on the palette, then I paint the background, paint the line work, change the colour of the line work on photoshop and finally add the lady and the tree.

emma block work-in-progress

Why do I create?

I just always have. It makes me happy, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else as job.


I would love to nominate Oh No Rachio, Emma Farrarons and Stacie Swift!



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