The Biscuiteer’s Icing Cafe

biscuiteers iced biscuitsbiscuiteers iced biscuitsbiscuiteers boutique notting hill biscuiteers boutique notting hill biscuiteers boutique notting hillTonight is biscuit week on The Great British Bake Off, and I’m very interested to see tonight’s bakes because last week I iced a few show stopping biscuits of my own.

I was invited along with my friend Nancy to the Biscuiteer’s Boutique in Notting Hill for a night of biscuit icing and prosecco. Who could say no? I arrived very late, because after living in London nearly all my life I still cannot be relied upon to get on a train going on the right direction. Fortunately I managed to pick up quite quickly when I arrived. We learned how to outline the biscuits and then flood them with icing. While the icing is still wet we were shown how to draw stripes of icing in contrasting colours and draw a pin though to create at feathered effect. You can also pull a pin through dots of icing to create little hearts, or a tie-dye effect.

biscuiteers iced biscuitsbiscuiteers iced biscuitsThe icing was such pretty colours, definitely not the primary coloured tubes you find in supermarkets; I went for a limited palette of duck egg blue and lilac. We also learnt how to draw free hand on the biscuits and add texture and sparkle with coloured sugar. With three minutes to go before our icing time was up, one of the icing experts put on the Great British Bake Off theme music. It certainly added to the atmosphere! biscuiteers iced biscuitsbiscuiteers iced biscuits

I am very happy to say the biscuits tasted as good as they looked, perfect with a cup of tea, thought they do feel almost too pretty to eat.

Thank you Biscuiteers for a wonderful evening!biscuiteers iced biscuitsbicuiteers 5


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