The RA Summer Exhibition 2014

20140812-133915-49155030.jpgOn Monday I made my annual visit to the RA Summer Exhibition. Top tip: visit on a Monday when the street food market across the road is on!

I really enjoyed this year’s show and I felt the painting was very strong. The Summer Exhibition always has something for everyone; monochrome rooms that contrast with explosions of colour, figurative works and evocative abstracts, decorative work and pieces with a strong political stance. It is on until the the 17th, so you’ve got until the end of the week to see it. Here are some of my favourite picks from the exhibition.

20140812-133913-49153981.jpgI loved these rich floral pieces.

20140812-133913-49153198.jpgThat spotty painting is the piece I would most like to take home with me.

20140812-135621-50181246.jpgI love the vitality of the way the art is displayed, and the variety of people that come to see it, young and old.

20140812-133912-49152454.jpgThis piece is ticking all my boxes. It has a pineapple, a teapot and lovely minty green tones. It’s a winner in my book!



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