Recipe: Coconut and Blackberry yoghurt pops

coconut blackberry yoghurt popsI was surprised to find that, after our recent heatwave, there were ripe blackberries on the bushes near where I live. I couldn’t face turning on the oven to bake a cake (and making my flat even hotter), so I decided to make some ice lollies with them instead. This isn’t really a recipe, since there’s only three ingredients, it’s more of an enthusiastic suggestion that you make these, because they are really really good.

coconut blackberry yoghurt popsYou will need

Fresh blackberries or raspberries

Coconut yogurt (I used Lancashire Farm’s low fat bio live coconut yoghurt)

Sugar or honey

Ice lolly moulds (mine are from Laura Ashley)


Add a large handful of blackberries or raspberries with a splash of water to a pan. If you’re using blackberries add a teaspoon of sugar or honey. Cook on a medium heat until the fruit is soft and a syrup has formed. Allow to cool.

Add a dessert spoon of yoghurt to the lolly mould, then top with a teaspoon of the blackberry mixture. Continue alternating yoghurt and fruit and till the mound is full. Stir with a skewer to create a rippled effect. Freeze for at least three hours and enjoy!

coconut blackberry yoghurt pops

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