Lanzarote – plants and drawings

Lanzarote plants bougainvilleaLanzarote plants cactuscactus illustrationI am back after a lovely week in sunny Lanzarote. It was a bit of a funny holiday, I went with my grandparents and my cousin Lucy, which meant I spent the week with two 80 year olds and an 18 year old. It was great fun though, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Lanzarote is bit of a funny place too, it’s kind of a big volcanic rock at sea that gets lots of sun and no rain. The barren black landscape is broken up with pops of colour from cacti and bougainville, white houses and blue sea.  Lanzarote plants bougainvilleaLanzarote plants bougainvilleacactus illustrationflowers in tinLanzarote plants bougainvillea and cactuscactus illustrationlanzaroteumbrellaThis was the view from the patio/garden. It was so lovely to sit here and draw with my cousin and Grandpa.


4 thoughts on “Lanzarote – plants and drawings

  1. Looks blissful Emma! The colours! And I really love the sound of your holiday companions. Made me smile! I went on many a trip with my grandparents as a child. How I wish they were around now I would love to go away with them as a grown up. xx

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