biscuit tin paint box

biscuit tin paint boxbiscuit tin paint box The best bit about ordering biscuits from the Biscuiteers, apart from the delicious hand iced biscuits, might actually be the beautiful tin they come in. The Biscuiteers have decided to celebrate their beautiful illustrated tins with their new competition ‘‘. To enter you just need to share a photo of what you keep in your biscuit tin now all the biscuits have gone. It’s really lovely seeing the other entries, there are some great ideas, from first aid kits to plant pots. biscuit tin paint box biscuit tin paint box I love the Paris tin, it’s ridiculously pretty, and as it turns out the perfect place to keep my paints. They fit in rather nicely, and now I can see at a glance exactly which colour I’m looking for. Plus I can never have too many pretty things on my desk.biscuit tin paint box


One thought on “biscuit tin paint box

  1. How nice and cute! What a great idea… I actually put watercolor tubes into an oatmeal tin can, but it seems I have too much paint and need more storage ideas… 😛

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