A Guide to Painting Eggs

Painting blown easter eggs has become something of a yearly tradition for me. I have produced a little step by step guide to painting eggs, just in case you want to have a go!easter egg paintingFirst you need to blow your egg, that way you can keep your creation forever without it going off. Use a metal skewer to make a small hole at the top of the egg and slighter large hole at the bottom. Use the skewer to break the yolk, then blow the contents out into a bowl. Rinse the egg throughly then leave it to dry. easter egg paintingI like to paint my eggs with a base coat of regular house paint first (not gloss). A good tip is to make a little donut of blutack to rest your egg on, so it doesn’t roll around. Use a wide flat brush to apply one or two even layers of base coat. When the base coat is dry I lightly sketch on a design in pencil, then use acrylic paint and ink to finish it off. Simple designs and repeat patterns work best. Alternatively you could just draw on the painted egg with a sharpie. Painting on a round surface is tricky, so embrace imperfections! Display your egg with pride and impress all your friends.easter egg painting I went a bit pun mad this year, so I ended up with a duck egg and an eggs-presso.

painted egg painted egg 7 painted egg painted egg

Here are a few of my painted egg from yesteryear, for a bit of inspiration. painted easter egg painted easter egg easter egg painting easter egg painting


12 thoughts on “A Guide to Painting Eggs

  1. They look great Emma! I ended up accidentally smashing the egg I was painting this year… Gonna try again next year though đŸ™‚

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