Writing (and trying not to sound like an idiot)

Illustrating is my full time day job, which is obviously completely wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to do something a bit different, which is why I enjoy writing. I generally write about illustration, but it isn’t really too much of a stretch of the imagination, so it’s nice to use a different part of the brain. I recently wrote an article about university portfolio interviews for IdeasTap, trying to demystify the process a little bit. If you’re a 6th form student thinking of applying to an art course do have a read! There are lots of tips for preparing your portfolio and tips to prepare you for interview itself.IMG_2266

Whilst I was in the process of writing the article Grammarly contacted me and asked if I would like a one month free trial of their service. Grammarly is much more in depth than your standard spellchecker, it’s like a second set of eyes looking over your work, checking for spelling mistakes, repeated words and all manner of grammatical issues. I’m the kind of person who knows what I want to say but has trouble putting it down on paper. When I read my own writing my brain fills in the all blanks and I don’t realise I’ve missed out words, spelt things wrong, and basically written some total gibberish. I once emailed a client and used the word ‘cake’ instead of ‘face’. Fortunately she found it quite funny, but it’s worrying to say the least. Anyway using Grammarly helped me fix silly errors, and made me look a little bit less like an idiot, so thank you Grammarly!


2 thoughts on “Writing (and trying not to sound like an idiot)

  1. I just had a read of your article about portfolios, it’s really interesting. I had to create a portfolio when I was applying to architecture courses this year and it was pretty hard to think of how to present it, what to include etc seeing as I didn’t really know anyone applying for architecture, so I’m sure this will help loads of people!xx

  2. Hey Emma really great post 🙂 I can really connect with your love for writing aside from illustrating as I’ve always loved creatively coming up with texts and interesting articles of the creative kind so its something I explore through my blog whilst steadily building up my portfolio and online doodling.I find sleeping on an article then asking a second pair of eyes for a glance over your blog post helps though im sure grammarly works just as good to. kate x

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