The Fashion of Mad Men

ladies of mad menLast night was the premier of the final season of Mad Men. I have to admit in the last season the plots have gotten confusing, and I can’t remember the name of any of the new characters, but it’s the 6os style that keeps me watching. To celebrate the end of an era I have illustrated some of my favourite Mad Men outfits.


megan mad menThis is my favourite Mad Man outfit ever. I love the colour, the cut, the pattern and the matchy-ness of it all. Megan has a great sense of style, and gets to wear some fab outfits in the show.betty mad men

This dress is a sleeker silhouette for Betty, than her usual full-skirted frocks. I love that it’s a casual summer outfit but she still has her gloves on, very old school glamour.

joan mad men

It’s hard to pick out just one outfit for Joan. Joan is lady who knows what works for her and sticks to it, turning up at the office looking impossibly glamorous every day.

peggy mad men

Peggy has been lumbered with some truly awful outfits over the series, but this one is actually very cute.


5 thoughts on “The Fashion of Mad Men

  1. I love them! It’s definitely the fashion that got me hooked and I think the dress of Betty’s with the flowers is my favourite of all. Even Peggy is looking good in your pictures. x

  2. I am eternally confused by the plot line (supposing there IS one) of Mad Men. I swear their viewers would be practically non-existant were it not for the fabulous outfits! 🙂

    Btw, LOVE your illustrations of these characters! You captured them perfectly. 😉

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