Insider’s Guide to a Career in Illustration

insiders guide to a career in illustration seminar insiders guideAfter the massive success of our first ‘Insider’s Guide to a Career in Illustration’ seminar at  SMUG on Sunday, Stacie and I have been busy organising new dates and venues. Our initial tickets sold out in less than two days, and since then we’ve had loads of request for more dates.

We are delighted to announce we have seminars planned in March and April on both sides of the river!


On the 26th of March we will be holding our talk in Lois, a lovely shop in Peckham supporting UK based artist and makers. It will run from 6.30pm – 8pm, see eventbrite for more details and to book tickets.


On the 15th of April we will be holding two seminars at SMUG! There will be both morning and afternoon sessions. These sessions fall during the Easter holidays, making them ideal for students looking to prepare themselves before their final term at uni.

As well as an hour long in-depth talk, covering all aspects of a career in illustration and running a small creative business, there will be an extended Q&A session, personalised feedback on your online presence, a chance to network and eat cake! Everyone will also receive some illustrated goodies from our shops and a handy guide to take away with you.

This basically the talk we wish we had heard before we graduated uni! It’s jam packed with useful information so bring your notepad and pen!


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