Goodbye 2013

I normally do a month my month year in review post… which I can’t be bothered to do this year. But it was actually a very good year.goodbye 2013emma_block_studio_tour

I moved house again, to a lovely little flat with my boyfriend, that we are both really happy in. I got to see my illustrations prints on everything from soap wrappers to melamine plates, and got to see them in store at Anthropologie. I’ve done some more editorial work, which I’ve really enjoyed, including a monthly feature with Mollie Makes magazine.

paris illustrated napkin emma blockmollie make emma block illustration

I also got to ‘meet’ on of my heroes online, Orla Kiely, when I was asked to illustrate and participate in the launch of her Uniqlo collection. As well as all that work I took a little holiday and visited beautiful Croatia with my boyfriend. This has also been a year where I’ve got to meet lots of lovely people I’ve spoken to online, at various blogger and illustrator meet ups and parties.orla_Kiely_uniqlo_illustration_google_hangout

Resolutions for 2014? Have more confidence in myself, sketch for fun as well as for work, actually attend a yoga class.



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