Making pasta the Italian way

Recently the nice folks at the Millennium Hotels asked if I’d like to attend at pasta a making demonstration, followed by a lot of actual past eating. How could I say no? I eat huge qualities of pasta and have often been tempted to have a go at making it myself but always put off by my lack of knowledge. Fortunately we had a lovely Italian chef to show us how it’s done. He has very kindly shared his own recipe and top tips for making perfect past the Italian way.pasta workshop millenium hotelpasta workshop millenium hotelpasta workshop millenium hotel


·         00 Flour  500 grams

·         Eggs  5 (Ideally 250 grams in total)

·         ½ tea spoon sea salt


Use super fine 00 flour for smooth silky pasta and medium eggs, which should weigh about 50g per egg. Combine the eggs and flour in a food processor, until a dough forms. You can also mix it together in a bowl, make a well in the flour, crack in the eggs and mix with a fork. Once it’s all come together give it a jolly good knead. This is the bit that’s hard work. Once the dough is feeling nice and smooth wrap it in clingfilm and refrigerate for at least 30 mins. Once the dough has chilled separate it into manageable chunks and them a bit if a roll out before putting them through the pasta machine. You can make pasta without a pasta machine but it takes and lot of rolling out. For super fancy ravioli pipe the filling onto a flat sheet of pasta, add egg wash around the edges, add another sheet of pasta on op then use a cookie cutter cut out the pasta.pasta workshop millenium hotelpasta workshop millenium hotel

After all that rolling and kneading it was definitely time for diner, which was provided for us in the hotel’s Avista restaurant. It was so nice to get to chat to such a lovely mix of blogging ladies, from food writers to fashion bloggers.pasta workshop millenium hotel

Dinner was wonderful. I started with salmon ceviche, which I’ve always wanted to try, tagliolini with pesto and potato (throwing caution to wind with double carbs was so worth it) and finished with a passion fruit crème brulee, which I’m still dreaming about. If I could have gotten away with licking the bowl I would have. pasta workshop millenium hotelpasta workshop millenium hotel

Thank you Millennium Hotels and Greenlight PR for a wonderful evening!


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