a peek inside my new studio

emma_block_studio_tour If you follow me on twitter you may know I’ve just moved house. One of the reasons for moving, aside from being closer to a tube station, was to have more home studio space. My boyfriend and I found a lovely modern two bedroom flat minutes from the tube, which means he has a music room and I have a studio all to myself. Once everything was definite with the flat I ordered the desk of my dreams from Made.com.emma_block_studio_touremma_block_studio_tour
I had first seen this desk months ago on the made.com website and dreamed about buying for my new studio. Now I have it and I am beyond happy with my new desk. The quality is wonderful, it was easy to assemble, delivery was really quick and it looks beautiful! It has a top that lifts up, giving plenty of storage space that I use for organising all my board back envelopes and cutting matts (exciting, I know). I think my favourite thing about my desk is the colour, I am obsessed with that shade of mint green. As you can see from all the minty green trinkets on my desk, it has been my favourite colour for a while.I love that my desk is big enough to fit my mac, my scanner, and still have plenty of space to work on. emma_block_studio_touremma_block_studio_tourNext to my desk I keep my printer, light box and all my sketchbooks. I also have a handy little storage unit next to the window, full of odds and ends. The print above is by Karolin Schnooremma_block_studio_touremma_block_studio_tour

I had way too much fun arranging my books by colour. I love having pops of colour against the clean white walls. I’ve kept the sofa and coffee table very simple, and I still can’t decide what to put on the wall behind! I love the rug, a hand me down from my granny,  because it’s vintage but not fussy.emma_block_studio_touremma_block_studio_tour



8 thoughts on “a peek inside my new studio

  1. Lovely post, and a nice behind the scene from your beautiful studio. I love the desk and I love made.com too (I got my living room coffee table from them). Thanks for sharing and good luck with the new flat 🙂

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