Ever Reve

ever-reve-painted-silk One of my favourite things as an illustrator is drawing the clothes for my little people to wear. I enjoy being a fashion designer on a miniature scale and have often wished I could wear some of the clothes I drew. Michelle Urvall Nyrén is an illustrator turned fashion design who has done just that. With her fashion line Ever Reve her beautiful watercolour technique has transitioned seamlessly from paper to silk, creating the most beautiful garments. Her pieces are at once works of art yet incredible wearable. All are hand sewn and many are hand painted, making each piece unique.ever-reve-painted-silkever-reve-emma-block-lfwWhat to wear at London Fashion Week is always a bit of a stressful subject for me, but this year I didn’t have to worry as Michelle had lent me one of her beautiful ‘Evangeline’ dresses to wear. It was such a joy to wear. Everything about it from the long sleeves to the pet pan collar is just perfect. I wore it to the Orla Kiely presentation, and you can see me here casually posing with a life size zebra, as you do.

Ever Reve’s third collection has just come out, and you can find it store at Wolf and Badger.


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