My Top Tips for Life After Graduation

ideastap imageI was thinking the other day about all things I wish I’d known before I graduated, which lead to me writing this article for IdeasTap. If you’re about to graduate and you’re feeling a bit lost this one’s for you!

Here are a couple of my top tips

Keep producing work

If you’re passionate about your work, prove it. Don’t put down your camera, pencil, or notebook for six months after graduating.A portfolio with nothing but uni work doesn’t look great. I update my portfolio website every time I complete a new project.

Make the most of graduate opportunities

There is a relatively short time span when you are classed as a graduate, not just a student or a run-of-the-mill freelancer. Take advantage of graduate schemes and awards while you can. Lots of big website and agencies like Its Nice That and YCN run graduate showcases that guarantee a lot of exposure.

Make the most of student discounts and tax breaks

You probably have about a month left of your student discount. Now is the time to join the Association of Illustrators, become a friend of the V&A or get new glasses.

Also, once you’re no longer a student you have to start paying council tax straight away, potentially making the last month of your tenancy agreement an expensive one.

Read the rest on IdeasTap!


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