Day in the Life of an Illustrator

Reccented I was asked by The Interactive Design Institute to write a piece about my day as an illustrator and I thought I’d share it here with you in the life illustrator

My day starts by getting up at about 9:00. One of the nice things about being self-employed in the ability to decide on your own schedule. I just naturally feel much more creative in the afternoon and evening, so I often stay up late working. My boyfriend is a jazz musician so he is mostly working evenings and weekends, so it makes sense for me to work at these times as well, and then chill out a bit more when we’re together.

I always start by checking my emails in the morning. I have a lot of international clients so I get lots of emails in the middle of night, so I try to deal with those first thing.

Unless I have an imminent deadline, I don’t usually do much drawing in the morning. I normally check my to do list, reply to emails, write blog posts, do my accounting, package and address etsy orders and unfortunately sometimes chase invoices. I normally start doing a bit of illustration for a couple of hours at about 11:00, and then I break for lunch. One of the things I love about working from home is being able to cook fresh food from scratch twice a day.gouache paint

After lunch it’s back to work. I normally pop out to run errands and go to the post office at about 4:00 and I quite often have a coffee out with my boyfriend. When you work from home it’s really important to get out the house, even just for half an hour, and take a bit of a break from being at your desk. I think talking little breaks makes you more productive over all and stops you going in the life

Once I’m back at my desk I generally work until pretty late, normally with some music playing in the background and endless cups of green tea. I quite often get a burst of inspiration at about 11:00! I try to unwind with a bit of yoga or a book before tea 2

Every day varies though, self promotion and seeking inspiration are important parts of what I do. I will often attend book launches and private views which are fun, and I try to meet up with many illustrators and lovely creative people as I can!emma block studio day in the life  Here I am, at my desk, in case you wondered what either of those two things looked like. Big thank to Your London Florist for the beautiful peonies, btw!


6 thoughts on “Day in the Life of an Illustrator

  1. you are a very beautiful young woman, you actually look like Scarlett Johansen here. I love your work, very inspiring person indeed.

  2. So fascinating seeing what someone else’s day is like! A great post. It’s really good that you can keep yourself motivated working from home. I find it difficult to do without going a bit crazy and it seeping into my personal life too.

  3. I loved this post. I’m always curious about artists I like days routines or workflow. I’m an evening person myself but I don’t have the luck to stay in bed until late (I have a toddler!) but I do agree that getting out of the house helps productivity and staying fresh.

  4. It’s so sweet to hear about other self employed illustrators. Your day pretty much sounds like my own other than I work in the morning when my little one is out then again in the evening 🙂 I also love waking up to a bunch of new email and the surprise “Etsy transactions” lots of luck
    laura – diary sketches

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing! Always cool to see how other people organise themselves. I get super slumpy in the afternoons, so usually have a nap then and work late. Unfortunately I like to work at night but also like to be up early for gym, so sleep gets a bit minimalised 😛

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