Bunnies Need Homes

If you are following me on instagram or twitter you may have seen me mention that I am giving away some handprinted rabbits. I made them for my final major project in 6th form and since then and they’ve been sitting in boxes for the last 5 years! I have over 100 of them and don’t really have the room for them any more, so I am giving you a chance to adopt one!

handprinted rabbit


I am no longer taking request for bunnies.

The Rules:

The rabbits are free but you need to pay for the postage. Postage and package is £3.50 for the UK, £4.50 for the US. Leave a comment to get a quote for other countries.

To adopt a bunny send £3.50 to the paypal address emmablock@hotmail.com with your address (very important) and any colour preference in the message section. Please select the option to send money to a friend, otherwise I will have to pay a fee.

Only one bunny per person please.

The first shipment of bunnies will be posted out next week.handprinted rabbithandprinted rabbit

The Details

They are all hand printed with oil based lino ink onto vintage fabric, and stuffed with polyfil. Some have been embellished with embroidery, glitter etc. Everyone is unique. You should think of theses as 3D illustrations, not toys, and should supervise children’s play with them just to be on the safe side.

handprinted rabbithandprinted rabbithandprinted rabbithandprinted rabbit


33 thoughts on “Bunnies Need Homes

  1. Emmett, these are so great! Pay palling as we speak, or, I comment more specifically. Thank you for letting a bunny be part of our fam:)

  2. Hello! I just bought one. I was just wondering how you managed to make so many for your sixth form project?? Did it not take you for ever to sew 100 bunnies together!?!? I would actually love to find out what you did to the printed fabric to make the bunnies.

  3. Hi Emma! I paid for my bunny on July 9th, but I only paid you for £3.50 because I didn’t see that shipping to the USA was £4.50. What should I do??

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