cup cake decorating
The other night I was invited to take part in a cupcake decorating class at the Millennium Hotel, Gloucester Road. How could I say no to the chance to actually make some cupcakes, instead of just drawing them all the time?cup cake decorating

We started with a tour of the hotel, a quick dash to the very well stocked canapé table, then down to work. Our lovey host Nicki from Cupcakey started by showing us how to make sugar paste roses. They look amazing but they where so easy to do! You start by kneading the sugar paste with a drop of food dye then making five little pea sized balls. You flatten out the balls into thin disks, then roll one between your finger and thumb to make a swirly rose centre. You then add the other petals to the outside, building up the rose. When it’s done you tear if the bottom, pop it on a cocktail stick and leave it to dry. So easy! We also cut flowers out of rolled out sugar paste with tiny floral cutters.

Sorry about the quality of the work in progress photos, I only had my ipad and the lighting wasn’t great!

20130629-163213.jpg20130629-163224.jpgNext came icing the cake with buttercream. I’ve always wondered how to make one of those beautiful buttercream roses, and now I know! The secret is to start in the middle and keep your piping bag upright. Et voila!20130629-163318.jpg

I am so happy with how these turned out! Thank you so much Millennium Hotels for inviting me and Nicki form Cupcakey for being such a wonderful teacher.20130629-163347.jpg

If you’ve been admiring the cake stand, it’s from Laura Ashley. They very kindly gave me a gift voucher to spend in store, and this enamel cake stand was top of my wish list! Better still it’s in the sale!cup cake decorating


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