Thrifty Gardening

 thrifty gardening peas Paint your plant pots

Paint cheap terracotta plant pots with house paint and use a pencil to write on what you’re growing. Try painting stripes, zig zags and scallop edges. Black paint would create a great chalkboard effect.

thrifty gardening

thrifty gardening sage

Grow plants from seeds

It’s cheaper and I find it more satisfying. It’s always to exciting to see the first green shoots appear. Fill small plant pots with soil, sow seeds according to instructions, water and cover with a sheet of cling film to make a little green house. Plants that are easy to grow from seed include sweet peas, sunflowers, poppies, chilli plants, tomato plants, lettuce and almost all herbs. Read about seed swappingand seed collecting here.

thrifty gardening

thrifty gardening

Growing from left overs

Garlic cloves that have started to sprout can be planted and a whole new garlic bulb grown from them. Spring onions can also be grown from left overs. Once you’ve eaten the rest of the onion, leave the roots and about a cm of spring onion and soak for a few day in water. When the green center starts protruding plant it root down in compost and enjoy never ending spring onions.

thrifty gardeningthrifty gardening


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Gardening

  1. Cute! I’ve been trying to grow garlic on my porch. I’ve planted it twice, and both times a huge stalk grew out of it and then wilted away and died, and then I dug up the garlic and nothing had grown. How do you grow yours?

    • I’ve read that once the stalk starts growing you need to trim it to encourage the plant to put it’s energy into growing the garlic bulbs instead.I grew some last last year but the bulbs were quite small. Hopefully I’ll have more luck this year!

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