I love Pinterest for so many reasons. It’s such a wonderful way to store inspiration, create mood boards and plan everything from parties to summer holidays. Unlike saving a file your desktop, you only need click on the image to be taken to it’s source, which makes finding tasty recipes, DIY tutorials, shopping fixes and inspiring artists really easy. It also means you don’t get that problem of finding and image you love and forgetting where it came from.pinterest boardsI find it really interesting how Pinterest has been has become involved in my work as an illustrator. Being pinned by a popular pinner on a popular board can expose your work to a huge audience. This happened to me and it actually put me in touch with a great client. Pinterest is also being used a tool with the design progress, allowing both artists and clients to create annotated mood boards to for project. I asked a lovely client of mine, founder of Hand in Hand Soap, Courtney Apple, how she uses Pinterest.

“I start with an idea or theme and then use Pinterest as a web to connect multiple visions together into a cohesive board that I could use to send to members of our team to convey exactly what I’m imagining. Pinterest also extends my ideas to new dimensions which helps elevate my creativity & imagination for our brand.”Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 15.09.52

There are so many social platforms out there, and you might be wondering why you would want to bother with another, but as a visual artist it makes sense to me to use visual platform. It feels like a very natural way to organise information. One of my favourite boards is my style board, which is a jumble of street style, catwalk shots and fashion illustration. It is just as likely to inspire my next outfit as my next drawing. I try not to draw from photos, but sometimes a silhouette, a pose or a colour scheme will just strike me and Pinterest us a great way to save inspiration for later.pinterest board

As part of the PinItForward campaign, celebrating Pinterest’s official UK launch, I have been asked to introduce the next blogger. Dan from Atelier Tally (and co-founder of Heart Home magazine), will be talking about Pinterest on his blog tomorrow, and you can follow his pins here!

Join pinterest now by following this link! And of course don’t forgot to follow me!

Pin It Forward UK 2013


3 thoughts on “Pinteresting

  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Emma! It’s great to hear that you’ve used Pinterest to create inspiring boards for your upcoming projects. I love your Style board- you have incredible taste and the Sparkly Oxfords are amazing! Lauren, Community Coordinator

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