Pick Me Up 2013

Every year Pick Me Up seems to get a little bit bigger; spreading itself out in the rabbit warren of rooms underneath Somerset House. This is my third time at Pick Me Up and you can read my previous review here. MaricorMaricar

When digital art is so prevalent in illustration it’s nice to see so much traditional artwork on show. MaricorMaricar are Italian twins who’s work is a modern twist on a very traditional technique. They create stunning graphic art and typography using embroidery, the effect is incredible and it’s a real treat to see their pain staking work in the flesh. MaricorMaricar

I’ve been a fan of Ping Zhu‘s work for a while so it was lovely to see the originals up close. She has such a beautifully sophisticated gouache technique; another artist using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist.ping zhuping zhu boardwalk empire

If you are a regular reader if my blog you might already be family with Damien Florébert Cuypers‘ work, as I had my portrait drawn by him last summer. He has such an incredible talent for capturing the essential nature person using using only a few blunt crayons in 3 minutes flat. It borders on genius.

Damien Florébert Cuypers Emma Block illustration by Damien ‏Florébert Cuypers Daniel FrostThe wonderful work of Zombie Collective, who I meet at ArtSmart the year we all graduated (2011, so long ago…) and they’ve just gone from strength to strength.zombie collectiveZombie collective

Day Job are a great little collective, and new to me. I love Charlotte Mei’s sweet ceramics.Day JobIt was great to see so many printing presses in action in the exhibition, probably an unfamiliar sight to those who have never been an art student. Here are Fatherless collection in their temporary print studio.

FatherlessHandsome Frank is an illustration agency with some really fab artists on it’s books, including my favourite, Lesley Barnes . It makes me so happy to see the prints she created for The Enchanted Forest on display in Somerset House. I also love her lion print, it looks like an illustration straight out of the vintage children’s book of my dreams.lesley barneslesley barnes

I first discovered Sarah Maycock’s work in Pick Me Up selects a few years a go, and it’s always a delight to see. Isn’t this little sausage dog just wonderful?sarah maycock

It wonderful to see so much 3D illustration on display, I am completely in awe of Helen Musselwhite‘s cut paper houses and Matt Saunders’ sleeping logs are delightful.handsome frank

Overall a great show with a lot of standout artists, however I feel it is veering towards have a ‘house style’ which is shame because this could lead to the exclusion of many great illustrators.


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