Gainsborough House with National Art Pass

20130403-221349.jpgWhen I received my beautifully packaged Art Pass from ArtFund I was looking forward to getting into top London exhibitions half price. What I wasn’t expecting was the wealth of galleries, museums and stately homes right across the country offering free entry with the ArtPass. Spending a week at my parents for Easter was the perfect time to check out some cultural destinations closer to home.20130415-173329.jpg

Gainsborough House is the former residence of 18th century painter Thomas Gainsborough. As well as as hosting a collection of his work, it also displays the work of local contemporary artists, has a print making studio open to the public and a beautiful sculpture garden.20130403-221329.jpg20130403-221334.jpg

It is so interesting to see both contemporary and 18th century artists responding to Suffolk; it’s landscapes, it’s wildlife, it’s buildings, it’s people.


For me it was fascinating to see a picture of St Mary’s church in Hadleigh (where my parents live) in the 1700s. It’s remarkably unchanged today; the grave yard is just a bit fuller and the trees a bit taller.20130403-221424.jpg20130405-225122.jpg

Adult admission to Gainsborough House £5, or free with an Art Pass.
The Art Pass gets you half-price entry to major exhibitions all over the UK and free admission to over 200 museums and galleries. Thank you to ArtFund for kindly gifting me an annual Art Pass.


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