Cambridge Bloggers Meet Up

bloggermeetcambridgeOne of the biggest downside to being a freelancer is the lack of colleagues and general human interaction. As a full time illustrator, working from home, I can go days without seeing anyone other than my boyfriend and my neighbour Sheila. This is why it is so important to made an effort to see people, and why I love blogger and illustrator meet ups.

This meet up was organised by Claire of Claireabelle Makes in the lovely city of Cambridge. A host of lovely bloggers and illustrators including Stacie Swift, Rachel of OhNoRachio, Harriet Gray, Laura of Wrapped up in Rainbows and Emma Carlisle met up for lunch. Claire did an amazing job of organising everything and had goody bags for us including some Lush soap, Tea Pigs tea, some crafty goodies from Crafty Creatives and Washi Tapes, plus some lovely things from other members of the group.Illustrators CornerStacie, me, Rachel, Emma, Harriet, Laura Photo by Claireblogger meet up

We had lunch in La Bouche, which started with burgers and ended with cocktails. Though I have to admit to cheating somewhat as mine was a falafel burger.blogger meet up

After lunch Claire gave us a guided the around the city, which concluded with a trip to Carluccio’s for hot chocolate and pudding. cambridgeblogger meet up

cambridge meet upEmma, Rachel, Laura, Stacie, Harriet, me and Michaela Photo by Claire

It was so lovely to meet all these wonderful bloggers and illustrators. Hopefully I’ll get to see them all again soon!

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