The Enchanted Forest – The Set Up

The Encanted ForestThe set up of the show went remarkably smoothly. I think weeks of planning and organizing on my part meant there was nothing left to chance. Karolin, my boyfriend and I made a trip to my local Ikea at the beginning of the week. We got in and out in about an hour and left with 35 black frames, plus I couldn’t resist a gingerbread house, some wrapping paper and a set of candles. Laura joined us back and my house and we  spent very productive day mounting and framing prints, the highlight being when my boyfriend arrived with two of the most giant pizzas I have ever seen for our lunch.proxyA8z1LQtCUAA3x2m

On Wednesday, Emmeline joined Karolin, Laura and myself, plus my Dad (man with van) to set up the show. It went really smoothly and everyone at Foyles was so lovely, bringing us coffees and cake throughout the day. Just as we finished applying the decals to the walls, a lovely lady from the BBC World Service turned up to interview us, which was little odd but a lot of fun.The Encanted ForestI have been terrible at taking photos throughout this process, so some of these photos were taken by the other artists.


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