AOI Images 36

Last night I attended the private view and awards ceremony of AOI Images 36. I turned up an hour late, after going to a last minute flat viewing (got the flat, hello non-house-sharing adult living!), and squeezed my way into a packed venue room. I don’t know why it hadn’t dawned on me before, but this was the Oscars of illustration. Big shiny awards were handed out to illustrators for the year’s best children’s books, editorial illustrations, self promotional work and new talent. I meant to take photos of of the work in the exhibition but after a glass and a half of free wine I forgot all about that. I had a wonderful time catching up with June and seeing friends from uni, plus meeting a few new people.Here is my work sharing a page with Gino Cullen.Here is the work of Claire Francis, Judy Lumley and Sam Griffiths. I find it sweet these three have all been grouped together as they all sat together at uni. There was also work form our tutor Andrew Baker in the book.

I also bumped into lovely Ekaterina Trukhan. Here is her work in the book.I love Yasmeen Ismail‘s work.

Images is a free exhibition at Somerset House, open from 3 – 28 October 2012. Do go and have a look!


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