Hope and Glorious Vinatge

Mum and I had been looking forward to Hope and Glorious Vintage’s 50s night in Hadleigh for a while, but after a terrible week we weren’t sure what to expect as I helped mum across the cobbles to Hadleigh’s Guild Hall. As we entered we were greated by the organiser and I was handed a glass of Pimms; always a good start. I was very excited to have an opportunity to wear this 50s dress I found in the charity shop for the first time. It was quite big when I bought it, but Anushka did an excellent job of taking it in at the waist. I wore it with a 1920s silver necklace, a handbag that belonged to my great grandmother and a belt from the designer jumbles saleAfter browsing the vintage stalls we were treated to a delicious afternoon (evening) tea with finger sandwiches, scones, brownies and cupcakes.  Cupcakes and brownies might not be very authentically 50s but the coronation chicken finger sandwiches were. After supper I was talked into joining the 50s dance class, which was a lot of fun. There was freestyle dancing after that and I had a whirl around the dance floor. Literally a whirl, as it seems the only thing you can do with girl with two left feet is keep twirling her round.  We both had a really lovely evening and were very glad we went.It sounds like Hope and Glorious Vintage have plenty of exciting things coming up in the near future. Jane Austen weekend with parlour games here I come.


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