Book Review: A Month in Marrakesh, Recipes from the Heart of Morocco

I was very excited to receive them book from Hardie Grant, as I have my own trip to Marrakesh planned for later this year. Though I’m going going for a week, not a month, I was hoping this book might whet my appetite.  This is a beautifully photographed, and well written cook book, with lovely little bits of travel guide sneaked in. It is full of beautiful pictures, hand written notes and the occasional illustration. It it divided up into sections for breakfast, salads, soups, tagines, roasts, street food and deserts, and has having a handy glossary. I decided to try making the stuff baby vegetables, harissa, mint tea and a green bean salad.I used my own home grown chillies for the harissa and it certainly packed a punch. One small tea spoon was enough to give the tomato sauce a serious kick. If you’re not a big fan of spicy things leave the harissa out of the tomato sauce. The recipes were really easy to follow and everything turned out beautifully, the stuffed vegetables, green beans, rice and sauce made an absolutely delicious lunch. I washed it all down with Moroccan mint tea, made with fresh mint (grown in the garden, of course) green tea and sugar. Word of warning, don’t leave it sitting in a tea pot or cup over night, it will very mysteriously turn red and stain everything. Everything in this book looks so amazing; the food and photographs of the city united by their vibrant richness. Here are a few recipes I can’t wait to try.Blog Tour
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3 thoughts on “Book Review: A Month in Marrakesh, Recipes from the Heart of Morocco

  1. O you made the harissa too! I totally love it and try it with the beef kebabs too.. 😉 It’s worth it. Have fun in Marrakech. It’s definitely a city that leaves an impression!

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