Book Review: Tea with Bea

Beas of Bloomsbury is my absolute favourite place to get a cup of tea and a cheeky cupcake with my BFF Katie. The great joy and terrible problem of Bea’s is that everything in the shop looks so amazing that you have to keep coming again and again to try it all. At the moment I am working my way steadily through the cupcake list which isn’t good for the waistline or wallet, but oh so good for the soul.

Imagine my joy when I saw Bea had cook book.

The book is lovely hardback edition, with plenty of dreamy food photography of Bea’s famous cakes. As well as recipes divided into sections like biscuits and scones, and special occasion cakes it has section on brewing the perfect pot of tea and perfect pot of coffee.

The first recipe I tried was the Orange and Cranberry Scones. I have to admit I did not follow the recipe faithfully as I swapped the whipping cream for buttermilk to try and reduce the fat content somewhat. They still came out delicious, really rich and fragrant due to all the butter and orange zest. Perfect with a cup of tea and some homemade lemon curd.

The second recipe I tried was Bea’s ultimate chocolate chip cookies; they did not disappoint. I followed this recipe to the letter and produced one batch of classic chocolate chip and one batch of the double chocolate variety. When the recipe tells you to chill your balls of cookie dough, you really need to give them a good 20 minutes in the fridge. If you don’t the dough will melt and spread too quickly and you will end up with one giant thin cookie, which is what happened to my first batch.  My second batch, however, were perfection. Behold a cookie I think Bea herself would be proud of.Tea with Bea: Recipes from Bea’s of Bloomsbury is published by Ryland Peters & Small.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Tea with Bea

  1. Hello! I have the book and I did the cookies and as you said they when they come out to the oven they were too thin! I had it 25 minutes in the fridge it! A put less sugar that in the recipe it could be the problem?

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