Birds of Paradise

I can now reveal my illustrations and write up of Spijkers en Spijkers’s AW12 collection, for Lionheart Magazine.

Spijkers en Spijkers was one of my favourite shows this season, despite having a third row seat and not being able to see the outfits below the hips. I now know why 6 foot tall models wear killer heels; if they didn’t no one at the back would be able to see them, especially a little shorty like me.

Spijkers en Spijkers’ previous collection One Thousand and One Nights, shone like a morning star, but the current collection, Birds of Paradise, was distinctly nocturnal. Rich silks in shades of black, purple, yellow and burnt orange were used to create vintage dresses with a graphic twist.  Skirts featured contrast chevron detailing and dresses had scalloped edge cut outs and hemlines. This graphic flare continued with striped t-shirts under boxy patterned blazers and leather belts made from strands of overlapping circles. They were styled with shiny plastic headbands, coifed hair, knee high socks and black feather shoes. A few of the more darkly seductive dresses were also embellished with jet-black feathers. I mustn’t forget the birds of paradise themselves, beautifully embroidered on shirts, skirts and bodices, with long trailing tails. This was elegant, feminine eveningwear from another era, which I can easily imagine Upstairs Downstairs bad girl Persie skulking around 165 Eaton Place in.

Perhaps the greatest and truest compliment I can pay to this show is that I would like to own every single piece in the collection myself.


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