Review: Lionheart Magazine

Last week the second issue of Lionheart was shoved unceremoniously through my door. Dear mister post man, I would much rather you knocked on my door and handed me my magazines rather fold them in hath to fit them through the letter box.


Issue two of Lionheart was an exciting one for me, as it featured my writing all well as my illustration. Lionheart feels like a good chat with an old friend. Warm, comforting, deep and insightful. It also takes a real interest in people and their stories. Perfect magazine for reading in a cosy chair with a cup of tea.

The beautiful cover was created by Natasha. Beautiful illustrations by Daria and Madi accompany heartfelt articles by Helen. Interview with Shipshape StudioArticle by Jessica Furseth, illustrated by Holly Exley.Elisa Palamino photoshoot directed by Akeela Bhattay.


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